Are you associated with any moving companies?
No. This is an independent tool. We are not a moving company or associated with any moving companies.

Why don’t you need my email address or other personal details like most other moving calculators do?
Because we are not trying to on-sell you anything. We believe you should be able to obtain a estimate of what a move might cost you without having to provide any personal details.

Will it still work if I am moving within the same city?
Yes it will still provide you with an estimate.
We us an estimate of approximate of $25 per mover per hour for distances less than 100 miles.

What if I am not in the United States?
The intended purpose of this tool is to provide ballpark estimates of interstate moves within the US.  By all means have a play with the figures, but the relevance of the estimates provided to international moves or moves within other countries is unknown.

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